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Welcome to our website and we hope you enjoy your visit. At George Helmer Racing we build those hard to get fiberglass and custom parts for your Javelin and AMX race cars.
 For years, I have been building specialty AMC race parts for a few selected friends and my own Javelin, the C/Altered Drag car "Project Javelin". When it was sold many years ago it was stripped of it's drive train and other various parts. I located the original car and was hoping to purchase it back so I could reassemble it back with the original running gear. I was unsuccessful in getting it back and thought since I own the parts that made the car run, I will built a new clone body and run it at nostalgia racing events. The original car appears on the page under George and the restoration is under Project Javelin.

While rebuilding the car I tried to locate a one-piece fiberglass front-end. Some companies offered fiberglass pieces of a front-end but they had to assemble them into a complete front-end, not a truly one-piece front-end. At this point I knew there was only one option and that was to build my own. I have spent hundreds of hours making the best one-piece front-end available for 68 and 69 Javelin's and AMX's. In the development of the new front-end I wanted one better then the original one that was donated to me by Skip Randell of "Randell American" in Mesa Arizona. Randell built a mold to produce a few funny car bodies including the Doug Thorley rear engine Funny car, which was destroyed at Irwindale in a crash. Randell had an extra windshield forward fiberglass noise from one of the funny cars and they were nice enough to donate it for the original car. 

There were a few things I wanted to change on the building of the new front end. One of which was to narrow the front bumper width an inch. Secondly, I wanted to fill in the licence plate area. I took a stock bumper and spent weeks making the best stock mold possible. These fiberglass bumpers are also available for sale on our site. I assembled the mock-up of the new front-end and narrowed the fiberglass front bumper to match the couture of the fenders. I molded a AMX grill into the front and make it fit perfectly. Then came the filling of licence plate area and I added a small 2 inch spoiler to the bottom of the bumper. This way you can lengthen it to your specifications by adding an extension at the bottom or you can cut it off if you want yours to look stock.  

Recently I purchased the Travelin Javelin AA/FC and have begun the restoration of it. It's the Gary Crane's Travelin Javelin that was driven by  both Gary and legendary fuel driver Dale Armstrong. Armstrong also was the crew chief for the car and set low ET (elapses time) and top speed in the car. It became the fastest javelin in the world, beating some of the great funny car javelins. Learn more about the car on our Travelin Javelin page where the history is documented for you and the restoration of the original car is there step by step. The car is scheduled to be completed by January 2018 the 50th anniversary of the car.  

If you are thinking of a light weight front-end for your car or other items please visit our Store. 

George Helmer                                                                                    

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